Recent Acquisitions

2 May

Nate and I were on a walk with Ida when I spotted a fabulous chest of drawers in the alley.  I’ve lived in Chicago for 2 years now, and have never taken part in the dumpster dive/alley – grab phenominon.  My moment was NOW!  I was excited!

Thinking logistically has never really been my strong point, so I told Nate I was pretty sure we could carry the dresser home.  It was only, like, a block away.  I thought it would be totally possible for me to push the stroller with one arm, and carry a chest of 8 drawers with the other.  Aparently, when I look in the mirror each morning, I see a shining beacon of physical fitness capable of incredible feats of strength and not a semi-comatose couch potato with a fanny pack (and then another fanny pack) worth of flab around the mid-section.  Well, at least I have a healthy (if not a little/lot dilusional) self image.

So when Nate got back from driving the block and a half to the alley, loading up the dresser and schleping it back to our place, here is what we found:

It was love at first sight when I saw this little number in the alley

Bonus contents! Some lovely prada body wash and lotion along with handmade birthday cards.

MORE bonus contents! Pacifiers! We opted not to use them...... But I felt a little sad tossing them in the trash.


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