Day of Jubilee!

21 May

Yes, I know that the phrase “Day of Jubilee” actually means something (other than a day without my usual responsibilities), but just like I say “telemundo” when my telephone rings, I am using this phrase in the way that most immediately and satisfyingly suits my (considerable) fancy.  Deal with it!  (Better Off Ted?  Anyone?)

So, because I’m sure you’re dying to know – here’s what I did with my day (i.e. Hard-core freedom-porn for mothers of young children).

5:40 AM – I wake up on my own.  Now, this may seem unusually cruel, that I should awake so early if I don’t HAVE to – if nobody is screaming at me, BUT – consider this:  I have the whole day free and will not have to worry about doing a bunch of junk on no sleep.  I already feel luxuriated.  I lie in bed and wait for Ida to wake up.  I think about how this will make it that much more enjoyable to take a nap later.  Big plans, my friends.

6AM – Ida wakes up laughing and making her funny little sounds.  I nurse her and then Nathan, Ida, Maude and I get ready to go for a walk together – one of my very favorite things.  We get coffee, and walk around the Balmoral-Lakewood Historic District (or as I like to call it “house lust row”), stopping halfway to push Ida on the swings at the park.  Strangers may or may not admonish us with looks of dismay as we push our screaming (with delight) infant daughter higher and higher on the swings.  She’s a daredevil, this one.  We also stop and pick up scones from Taste of Heaven.

8 AM – I change into the clothes I laid out yesterday for the expressed purpose of lounging in bed all day and resume my post.  Nathan puts Ida down for a nap and makes me coffee and bacon (yes, I did eat a scone and bacon for breakfast this morning – fat with a side of fat and possibly some nitrates – what of it?).  I light some candles, and proceed to read a book, slurp coffee, and stuff my face with tasty, saturated-carbohydrate goodness for 3.5 hours.  I also put on a Lush Facemask – this elicits a look of concern from Ida.

11:30 – I nurse Ida and then promptly take a nap while watching TV on the interwebs.

1:30 – I wake up and eat some delicious leftover Mediterranean take out for lunch while surfing the interwebs for funnies.

2:30 – I nurse Ida and then head out on the mean streets of Andersonville for some latte/redeye Sudoku time.  I take a leisurely stroll down Clark and peruse my favorite antique/junk store (which has ridiculously tiny aisles making it impossible to enter with a stroller).  I read some more, write a little, and marvel at the fact that none of these people can tell I’m a mother (unless my wobbly middle is some kind of dead-giveaway?  Which, to be fair, could perhaps have something to do with the bacon/scone instincts that I act upon with alarming regularity – so I don’t think they can tell).  Those who know me well will understand how this little “fast one” I’m pulling on all of these jokers delights me.  Also, on a related theme, when the gal at Presence asks me if the earrings I buy are for anything special, I tell her that I’m putting together my burial outfit, just in case.

6:30 I nurse Ida, cuddle her sleepy little self and put her to bed.  I love the crap out of that kid.

7:30 I take a long bath and drink a miller high life while finishing the book I started this morning.

Lattes, Lies, Literature and Lounging – a perfect day for Liz.

Special thanks to my dear husband, partner, and conspirator Nathan, who is a super-duper listener and gave me exactly what I wanted, even though he has a big paper due, and lots of work to do.


4 Responses to “Day of Jubilee!”

  1. Sarah-Ji May 21, 2010 at 4:32 pm #

    And the fun resumes tonight! Can’t wait to see you!!!

    • lizjoyntsandberg May 21, 2010 at 10:22 pm #

      Squeeeee! I feel like I’m getting ready for middle-school camp. Excitement.

  2. Mari May 21, 2010 at 8:24 pm #

    ooh that sounds so nice. Best gift ever!

    • lizjoyntsandberg May 21, 2010 at 10:21 pm #

      It really was. Time – what a gift (I’m remembering some greeting-card-BS about today being a gift and that’s why it’s called the present and then……… oh sorry, I threw up in my mouth). Love and such to you and your little peach, Mari! Thanks for reading! For anyone else who might be reading – Mari’s blog: makes iced tea come out of my nose with great frequency – worth a perusal. 🙂

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