21 May

Behold, whilst I am at work, I am accomplishing things!  And you thought I was just hanging out in my car, eating sandwiches and bad-mood-ed-ly using a breast pump under my trusty blue scarf (okay, well, all of those things are also happening – AND an aside?  Ladies?  If you’ve ever had to pump breast milk in your parked car, I salute you and apologise to you and hope that none of us has to do it again.  Cars?  So not designed with this fun activity in mind.  Show me a minivan with a compartment for my Medela and I will show you a swarm of working, nursing, mothers, wild with fistfuls of cash).

Wow, this took a totally different direction.  Moving on.

So, as I was saying, here are my students!  Dancing!  Just like I taught them to!  They were on Chicago’s WGN Midday News today, and let me tell you, they were more than a little nervous about their television debut.  I am so freaking proud of them that I can hardly stand it.

Click on this link and watch the magic!  http://www.wgntv.com/videobeta/90209c6e-812a-4527-b78e-025dd3657a8e/News/Chicago-Scene-Having-A-Ball-Dancers

AND (shameless promo) check out more info about Chicago Youth Dance – CPS’s truly fantastic dance program.


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