facebook fancies – breastfeeding edition

25 Jun
Please enjoy a facebook comment bonanza that started with this link on my pal’s fbook page:  Carnival of Nursing in Public:  Call for Submissions
Random Guy I Went to School With:  More breasts in public? I can get behind that… Although my own attitude towards bare breasts may be reason enough for women to cover up 😉 I think the attitude towards breast feeding in public has more to do with protecting women from unsavory men than with a lack of respect for mothers…
Liz Joynt Sandberg:  Perhaps if we just demanded that men quit being unsavory…… Nah, nevermind. It’s much easier and better for society (and by society, I mean men) for women to either stay at home or try to hold a wriggling body under a blanket while trying to relax, holding said wriggler, and pretend like nothing is happening (which is not at all shaming, so don’t worry about it – nothing says “this is the best thing for children and we really want all women to do this” like a gentle nudge from a stranger in public to cover it up). Women seriously need to get it through their heads that breasts are for sex only (sorry, I should have been more clear – hetro-normative sex, obviously) and stop confusing/grossing-out men by feeding children with them. Luckily, lots of women HAVE gotten this through their heads, and have decided to avoid the whole thing by feeding formula – this is really a win-win because then big business (spoiler alert – men) gets tons of cash and we don’t have to see breasts in public other than in sexually objectifying adds (whew!).

On behalf of all nursing mothers, thanks for leering, RGIWTSW 😉

I think I’m just going to keep this soapbox handy……

Random Guy I Went to School With:  Lol, I would argue that most people put off by breast feeding in an all you can buffet (one of the examples you gave) would also object to a Victorias Secret model sitting down to eat in her sexy under wear. I have known a few nursing mothers, it seems to me that time requirements placed on nursing mothers is a bigger factor in deciding on formula than blankets over children in public. With most families living off two incomes what mother is able to work full time and breastfeed? I would think that played a much larger role in a womans decision to use formula or not.
Liz Joynt Sandberg:  I’m pretty sure the douchebags behind the Hooters franchise would beg to differ. You can tell me all day long that the issue is seeing breasts, but it’s not – the issue is the de-sexualization of a woman’s body and the “undesirable” presence of mothering work in public culture. It (mothering) needs to happen, but we don’t want to see it.

Isn’t it totally ridiculous that a woman who works outside of the home should expect public support to nurse (the thing that scads of public health officials site as a big boon to infant health and well-being)?! Who are these crazy entitled ladies and what gives them the idea that they should be able to both earn a living AND fulfill their doctor’s recommendation for taking care of their child. Next you’ll be telling me that a company can’t fire someone for getting sick and needing special arrangements for their health and treatment?!? Good grief. I’m telling you, between demanding the right to nurse in public without harassment and demanding the right to nurse and work, women are totally overstepping their boundaries. Good thing society doesn’t seem to give a crap about these issues and is easily placated by just throwing up hands and saying “oh well, it’s not going to work unless we change a bunch of stuff, and that’s hard……. so………..FORMULA!” Way to fight the good fight of apathy – you’re in good company, but every little bit helps.

Also, how nuts is it that some of these women think that we should change the corporate culture that makes working and breastfeeding mutually exclusive?! Who do these mothers think they are?! Soon you’ll be telling me that these broads want affordable childcare and a flexible schedule! If you give an inch….. they take a mile (read: equality).
I know, I know – this was a ridiculous and virtually useless dialogue (?).  But it was irresistible.  I have no regrets.

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