Baby’s First PRIDE!

29 Jun

Ida and I had a glorious time at Chicago’s Pride Parade this weekend!  We (along with my mom) marched with the Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches.  It was overwhelmingly beautiful.  This probably sounds pretty cheesy and cliché, but I’ll never forget how truly excited many of the spectators were to see church folks in the parade.  I marched near several clergy people in their priestly (ministerial?) garb and watched as people reached through masses of other people to grab the priests’ hands and say “thank you so much for being here”.  Watching people applaud with a sort-of passion and solidarity when the coalition walked by was very moving to me.   Moving, but It was the kind of emotional stirring that is fueled by anger and frustration that not all clergy people, or churches think that marching in support of GLBT rights and celebrating GLBT culture(s) is holy and right in the most perfect sense.  Pride was a holy experience for us, and I’m so grateful to Chicago’s fabulous GLBT community for making us welcome and including us this year!  Just for the record, you are welcome in my life, and my family, and my community/ies too.

And now, without further delay, my piss-poor snapshot essay.  To be honest, Ida was being photographed nearly constantly (what drag queen doesn’t need a fabulous tiny assistant?!) and it was tough to snap good shots on the move…..

On our way! Taking the EL! I found Ida's awesome onesie at the Village Discount.

Kris and I eating some hot dogs while we waited to step off

Kris with our sweet rig.

Perhaps the most awesome church tee-shirt ever.

Ida flying high at Pride!

Even the cops can't get enough of Ida's cuteness.


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