Musical Torture

1 Oct

Oh the agony of having a song mercilessly repeating over and over again in your mind.  Now, imagine for a moment that you’re me and that song is one of the following:

Toot Sweet from the hit film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  And really just the part that goes “toot sweet, toot sweet” over and over again on continuous repeat – Neither my subconscious or my self (please calm down, philosophers) knows any of the other lyrics.  I refuse to look them up because doing so would result in a few days of non-stop stabbyness due to my having “the toot sweets”.  I consider this to be a legitimate reason for missing work and abstaining from household chores.

The official song of the fictional Women’s Baseball League from A League of Their Own.  I’ve seen this movie maybe a handful of times and know each and every godforsaken word.  Particularly evil friends have texted me the opening line of this song or simply “A League of Their Own.”  I think it speaks to my generous spirit that I am still on speaking terms with these people.

Lastly, most recently, and perhaps most enjoyably of the three, I find myself stuck on a line from Janet Jackson’s Feedback. I think it’s the best line in the song, so I mostly feel lucky.  Considering Ms. Jackson’s catalogue, it could have been much worse.  The lyric goes:

“My swagger’s serious – I’m heavy like a first day period.”

This mostly makes me feel like a badass, and helps me to have a positive feeling about menstruation.  Win win.  It’s a little weird to spend a whole day with these ideas though…  Especially if I get too pumped up on my own badassery while taking care of Ida.  It’s weird to talk trash to your baby.  I don’t think Dr. Sears approves.

If anyone out there can beat me in terms of weirdest music to get stuck in your head, I’ll give you 5 dollars and an in-home performance of songs from my brain.  I’m that confident.


One Response to “Musical Torture”

  1. Robyn October 2, 2010 at 4:01 am #

    Lately, it’s the “taco flavored kisses” song that Cartman sings in the Yennifer Yopes episode of southpark. Literally in my head for weeks now. Damn you Cartman!

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