In Like a Lion!

9 Mar

Many Rawrrrrrrs!

Like a roaring beast of productivity and ambition, that is!  It’s March, Jerks!  Bring your A game, because I’m about to beat this insufferable month of prolonged winter, and I need some top-notch team mates.  Those who live in warm climes and can’t understand the ferocity and touch-o-crazy that March induces in us formerly patient and snow-tolerant Midwesterners can still try to beat March, but I suspect that without the driving force of weather related anger, you just won’t be sufficiently motivated to succeed.  I somehow believe that if I do enough valuable things this month, it will submit to my awesomeness and mellow out – transitioning post-haste into a beautiful spring devoid of freezing rain.  The fuck-word intensive language will cease.  The lake-of-ice that covers my alley parking spot will melt away.  And for a few days, everyone will be deliriously happy.

Over the next few days, I’ll share my March game plan (i.e. a list of projects that I plan to begin/have started this month).  For those of you thinking to yourselves “wait, isn’t it already, like, March 9th?”, I have this to say – two words: sneak attack.

Good vibrations are promised to any readers who feel inclined to share their March game plan (or any portion thereof) in the comments.  Basically, this is all a ploy to steal your ideas.  But don’t worry, I don’t have the technical/philosophical capabilities to do any inception-style tomfoolery.



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