Hey, Look!  It's my face!Liz Joynt Sandberg is a nice lady who lives in Chicago.  She is Ida’s mom, Nathan’s wife and everybody’s fool.  She has worked as a choreographer, dance educator, administrative assistant/robot, barista, and for one terrible summer as a sales associate at Old Navy.  Liz is blogging because she feels like it.  This blog will provide a window into Liz’s considerable brains and limited (albeit colorful) vocabulary.

Liz is good at:  Cooking, Dancemaking, Crafting, Celebrating Holidays, Apartment Hunting, Writing (bold, no?), Domestic Work, Teaching, Urban Living, and Doing Stuff Her Own Way With Mixed Results (Mostly Not-So-Good).

Liz is bad at:  Mathematics, Spreadsheets, Computers and Technology, Being Patient, Making Money, Navigating Organizational Structures, Shaving her Legs, Interacting with New People, Cutting Her Own Hair (but she’ll never learn), Flying on Airplanes, Daring Activities,

Liz likes:  Reading, Biking, Drinking, Eating, Parenting (most of the time), Nathan, Art (both fine and disreputable), Dance (Watching, Doing, The History Of), Exploring Chicago, Fashion and Design, Berry United Methodist Church, Making Things, Food Science, Philosophy, and Talking About Herself in the 3rd Person (just kidding).

Liz is sincerely glad you’re here and hopes you’ll share your thoughts and help her make this little blog a nice thing.


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