Domestic Badassery, Vol. 1

21 Feb

I’ve had many bath-toy-holding apparatuses in my cart at various super-stores and have always re-homed them in some unfortunate department at the last minute.  I know, this was a jerky move.  I too worked retail and know just how inconsiderate this maneuver is.  For some reason, I just couldn’t pull the trigger on spending between 3 and 15 unnecessary dollars on more baby crap.  Everybody has a limit, and apparently mine is mesh and/or whale shaped.  But the problem remained, Ida had some bath toys that needed some kind of storage (other than our super-classy solution of just leaving them like permanent debris in the bathtub).

In a moment of inspiration while juicing a bunch of lemons for some cocktails I was serving at a party recently, I stashed a bunch of the mesh bags the lemons were packaged in (you’re killing me with all this packaging Trader Joes – they already come in skins for christsakes) in a drawer.  A few weeks of procrastination and 5 minutes with some scissors and my sewing machine later, and voila!  A storage solution that doesn’t invoke the Clampetts.  I’d say it’s “green”, but that makes me throw up in my mouth (as does localsustainableorganic – all one word).

The supplies - a few lemon bags, some scissors, and a couple of suction cups. The dental floss and bobby pin were an initial plan that clearly never had a chance. I cut the bags along one of the long seams, fitted one inside another and sewed the side seams.

After sewing the side seams with my trusty machine, I did a fancy little move where I nipped the bottom corners under and did two additional short lines with the machine to create a little depth. Lastly, I ran a line around the rim of the bags to stick them both together at the top (after briefly considering utilizing the "compartments" that the two bags inside one another naturally made. I mean, the kid only has like 8 bath toys, so that seemed silly. Mom, if you're reading this - SHE DOES NOT NEED MORE THAN THESE 8.). I hung my creation on two suction hooks and BAM! Guilt-free, crafty, and green (excuse me) bath toy holder.

The that for the sake of which - She who has the bath toys. (Also, Put! A! Bird! On! It! Putabirdonit!)

And now, I shall retire for the evening.  Have a great week, my friends.


3 Responses to “Domestic Badassery, Vol. 1”

  1. Marissa Lowder February 22, 2011 at 4:00 pm #

    Look at you little miss thrifty! I love it. Also, put a bird on it! Ha ha, makes me proud to live near portland.

    • lizjoyntsandberg February 22, 2011 at 4:05 pm #

      Man, I am loving Portlandia! It’s my nap-time treat (and, you know, candy). Where America’s youth go to retire – so fantastic!

  2. Jane March 9, 2011 at 11:28 pm #

    Portlandia! put a bird on it was one of my favorite sketches!

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